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The Air New Zealand sponsored Queenstown International Marathon was held at the Queenstown Recreation Grounds. To accommodate runners finishing the race, a ramp was built from the carpark down to the field and took on an impressive airport runway look.

Using Layher Event Decks, standards and ledgers for the project, Certified Scaffolding – Queenstown Director, Graham Millar, commented that “The Layher Event Deck System makes our job so easy and allows us to come in on good time and on budget. It gives our client a very nice product to present for their event.”

He also mentioned the value of the Layher engineering team, designing the ramp for him as it made life so much easier while dealing with local council for the building permit requirements. The client, Lagardere Unlimited Oceania Ltd, also expressed to Graham how happy they were with a nice tidy job which worked extremely well.

Thanks to Graham Millar of Certified Scaffolding for the use of these photos.

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