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Elliott Scaffolding were commissioned by Fletcher Construction to meet the challenges presented to them in this corporate office fit-out in central city Christchurch. With the ground floor being tenanted, the building had to be weatherproofed for loading materials through windows. Furthermore, the scaffold was freestanding as it could not be tied back to the building.

The Layher Allround Scaffolding System was used over a six month period which included access stairs and loading platforms with openings for access within. In order for this building to be encapsulated 11t of ballast weight was used at the base of the tower. Elliott Scaffolding Director Trevor Elliott says “The Layher Allround System assisted in meeting the short time frame and afforded the least disruption to the client and tenants as the design did not require internal access or connection to the building.”

Thanks to Elliott Scaffolding for the use of this photo.

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