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Car Park Propping
This Wellington car park sustained damage as a result of the 6.5 earthquake on 21 July 2013. Spalling and cracking to beams supporting the car parkÝs ramps presented real concern considering the risk of aftershocks and the need to remove cars remaining in the building.

Workzone, with the support of a local consulting engineer and LayherÝs senior design engineer Kenneth Redman, started on site within 5 days of the quake and impressively started removing cars from the lower two levels within 9 days of the quake. In total Workzone installed more than 15tonne of Layher Allround propping on this project.

Graham Burke of Workzone commented the client was grateful for the responsiveness and professionalism of all parties involved. ýThe client was certainly glad that the propping solution was installed before the second earthquakeţ, (16th of August 2013, measuring 6.6).

Thanks to Graham Burke of Workzone for the use of these photos.

Workzone Scaffolds website:

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