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The Arts Centre of Christchurch’s Chemistry Building, built in 1910, is part of a large rebuild and restoration project – one of 23 earthquake-affected heritage buildings within the Arts Centre site.

Arts Centre Procurement Manager Wil Wright, who sourced the Layher scaffold, worked with Arts Centre Stonemasons and Simon Construction Site Manager Scott Young to ensure that the scaffold would allow them to effectively carry out essential restoration and strengthening work.

Using Layher Allround Scaffolding System and aluminium platform stairs for the project, Wil offered these comments: “The stonemasons, who have worked on numerous other projects with other forms of scaffolding, commented on how easy the Layher scaffold was to work around, with considerably less components to catch clothing and equipment on. From a client’s perspective, we also found that Layher scaffolding, due to the duration of the project, was cost-effective to purchase and proved quick to erect. We also benefitted from the free design service that Layher offered, which allowed ourselves and the scaffolders to see exactly how the final design would look, ensuring that it was sympathetic to the heritage buildings, whilst giving us piece of mind that it would fulfil all of the requirements asked of it.”

Thank you to The Arts Centre of Christchurch for the use of this photo.

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