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Argent Hall
Site restrictions on the Argent Hall in Auckland's CBD were very difficult with only two elevations allowing easy access. Scaffold consists of mainly full exterior access using Layher SpeedyScaf, with Allround loading bays attached to the main structure to allow access from a construction lift.

A GEDA material hoist was used to allow two facades of the building to be worked on at any given times and at times this was the only means of moving material when the construction lift was not available. SpeedyScaf console brackets were also used to assist in meeting the architecture of the building.

The use of Layher scaffolding minimised the live/dead loads where the structure was erected over a large podium level. The scaffolding was erected directly off super slim soldiers with a small amount of back propping to support these.

The 46m high project has a progressive construction programme only allowing three floors at a time to be worked on, which means faster dismantling.

Thank you to Jason McCormack from Acrow for the use of these photos.

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