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The Massive Yallourn Boiler

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The Massive Yallourn Boiler

An internal scaffold was required to access the burner and for wall repairs in this boiler at the Yallourn W Power Station in Victoria. The sloping walls of the hopper were fully scaffolded and a platform constructed at the top of the throat. From this, the perimeter scaffold continued for a further 20m.

"Tying in of the scaffold was not permitted," says Andrew Dal Pozzo, Scaffold Co-ordinator for CGE Hire, "so the rigidity of the facade scaffolds was maintained by the two access towers and two buttress bays." By "close decking" the usual gaps for the ledgers in the platform were eliminated, allowing the fire blanket and isolation to be rolled out directly without the need for plying out first.

Thanks to John Onley, Managing Director of CGE Hire Pty Ltd for permission to use this photo.
CGE Hire Pty Ltd website: www.cgehire.com.au

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