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The Brickpit Ring Walk

The Brickpit Ring Walk

The "Brickpit Ring Walk" is an elevated circular walkway that allows visitors to Sydney's Olympic Park at Homebush Bay to access and view the historic Brickpit from above while preserving the habitat of the endangered Green and Golden Bell frog. The Ring Walk is 550 metres in circumference and is raised 18.5 metres above the sandstone floor of the Brickpit.

Endeavour Skilled Trades needed to install a cable tray and new cabling on the underside of the entrance bridge to the ring walk but because of the Green and Gold Bell frogs they were unable to bring anything off the ground. They needed a scaffold that was light enough to hang off the delicate bridge and fast enough to not hold anyone up. Enter Karabiner Access. Within a few days Karabiner had a suspended scaffold built, the cable tray in place and the scaffold down again.

Thanks to Andrew and Stu from Karabiner for the use of this photo.
Karabiner website: www.karabiner.com.au

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