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Suspended Scaffold

Suspended Scaffold

A cantilevered drop scaffold off the top of a 40 story building always sets the mind ticking! Concern with the risk to their scaffolders, and the public below, resulted in Active Platforms developing a work method that took the erection of "droppies" to a whole new level.

The 0.73m wide, 30m long scaffold was progressively built and lowered down by winches from the roof level to a final depth of 13m. The scaffold was then attached to the supporting scaffold, which was anchored to the roof slab by diagonal braces and ledgers.

Doing this meant the whole job could be built without the use of harnesses, or anyone ever being exposed to an open edge, therefore totally removing the risk of falling.

Thank you to Brian Whelan of Active Platforms for the use of these photos.
Active Platforms website: www.activeplatforms.com.au

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