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Suspended Animation

Celtic Scaffolding provided a more efficient and cost effective solution for access to this tank by building a mobile Layher scaffold rather than scaffolding the entire tank as had been done previously. First a mobile scaffold was built outside of the tank and then craned in. This inner tank mobile scaffold was then attached to an outer tank mobile scaffold which was counter weighted.

The base of the inner tank mobile was then fitted, enabling the client to access the entire tank wall progressively whilst at the same time having the time and cost benefits of using a mobile arrangement.

At the end of the work, the scaffold was craned out of the tank as one unit and dismantled away from ongoing site works, saving further time for the client.

Thank you to Damian Beausang of Celtic Scaffolding Pty Ltd for the use of this photo.
Celtic Scaffolding website: www.celticscaffolding.com.au

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