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Strasbourg Station

Strasbourg Station

The French high-speed train, the TGV, is coming to Germany, and its last stop before the border is Strasbourg. Strasbourg railway station, built in 1878, is being modernised, with shopping centres, restaurants, bistros and rest areas being added in an architecturally designed hall.

The new hall covers what used to be the forecourt in a bold arch, and the scaffolding has to hug both the inside and outside of this arch. One factor complicating the use of scaffolding is the barrel-like cross-section of the hall, which is a 140m long, 20m high and 25m wide steel structure covered in glass. The protective scaffolding had to be matched in height to the appropriate profile, level by level, while avoiding a dense forest of scaffolding standards on the floor area. This was achieved by bridging and using swivelling spindles fastened to the rafters of the station roof.

This complex structure of over 60,000m of scaffolding was completed in just nine weeks, despite the especially stringent safety standards of the French railways.

Thanks to Layher Germany for the use of this photo.

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