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A birdcage seemed the obvious solution but Bovis Lend Lease had some concerns - this would reduce access to the atrium and mean a significant amount of working at height, with all the associated risks. Active Platforms came up with this spectacular "skydeck" - 31m x 32m (almost 1000mē) suspended from towers anchored to either side of the 4th floor slab. Engineered to the millimetre, the spans supported by 15m aluminium beams were craned into place and then decked out.

"This significantly reduced the risks associated with manual handling and working at height," said Stewart Agus, Bovis Lend Lease's Project Engineer. "The whole scaffold was erected using guardrails, eliminating the use of harnesses, and using only 20% of the components that would have otherwise been required."

Thanks to Stewart Agus of Bovis Lend Lease and Brian Whelan of Active Platforms for these photos.
Bovis Lend Lease website: www.bovislendlease.com.au
Active Platforms website: www.activeplatforms.com.au

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