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Propping at Elephant Hill

Propping at Elephant Hill

The $40 million Elephant Hill Estate & Winery in Hawke's Bay is one of the biggest developments currently underway in the New Zealand wine industry. Construction work is expected to be completed by the ened of this year enabling wine aficionados to enjoy the lakeside dining area over summer. Roger and Reydan Weiss, experienced German vintners who are principals of the estate, expect to harvest 50 tonnes of chardonnay and sauvignon blanc this year from the vines planted in 2003. When the estate gets up to full production it will produce between 200 and 600 tonnes per annum.

The architecturally-designed cellars required 600 square metres of propping to support the barrel ceilings for the pour of concrete which was up to 1.2m thick. Julian Schrauth, Layher's Sydney-based engineer, designed the propping with loadings of 33.6 kN per standard to meet the requirements of this project. For projects where even heavier loadings are required the loading per standard can be increased by, for example, reducing the lift height to one metre which would increase the permitted loading per standard to approximately 70 kN. Please contact your local Layher office for advice on the use of Allround for propping.

Thanks to Rob Marffy of Bay Scaffolding for the use of these photos.

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