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Pelorus Bridge Scaffold

Pelorus Bridge Scaffold

Transit NZ are upgrading bridges around New Zealand with a "seismic retro fit". This bridge is on the Pelorus River at the top of New Zealand's South Island, built back in 1956.

"The scaffold was a challenge, with only a small 2m wide shelf we could build off up to the bridge. We then spanned out, tied to the bridge twice, then dropped the scaffold 8 metres down towards the water line," said Lyndon Robinson of Scaffold Marlborough.

"We have since then dropped it another two metres so that the geologist could do a rock map to decide where to put in about eight 15m long rock anchors. Then we had a flood warning and had to raise the scaffold to 7 metres off the water line until they start work again."

Thank you to Lyndon Robinson of Scaffold Marlborough for this photo.

Scaffold Marlborough website: www.scaffoldmarlborough.co.nz

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