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Mövenpick Hotel

Mövenpick Hotel

The Mövenpick Airport Hotel is being built just outside Stuttgart near the airport and new trade fair grounds. The 8,720 square metre SpeedyScaf structure was erected by a local scaffolding firm, Postweiler Gerüstbau GmbH. One of the unusual features of the Mövenpick Hotel is its floor plan, with quarter-circles at each end. Round scaffolding such as this can be assembled very economically using SpeedyScaf.

Initially the scaffolding was erected 400 mm from the façade and inside guard rails were fitted. The installation of the external insulation reduced the distance of the scaffolding from the wall allowing the internal guard rails to be removed. Once the external covering was fitted the wall ties were also repositioned from the bare concrete to the façade system. The scaffold also serves as roof edge protection.

Thanks to Peter Prax of Layher Germany for this photo.

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