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Layher Keder Roof 50m

Layher Keder Roof 50m

For 3 months this Keder roof has graced the Auckland skyline. It was erected to enable this apartment have its roof removed for the installation of a spa and a swimming pool. Perched 50 m up overlooking the harbour, Tony Webb of North Shore Scaffolds says that they have had some cracking North Westerlies over the period with no problems whatsoever.

North Shore purchased this roof almost two years ago and it has been used extensively for residential extensions, re-roofs, and leaky homes. A senior building advisor for the council has written to Tony saying "we think that this is an excellent aid to producing work of good quality". Tony reports that they have a backlog of orders for it of over six months.

Thanks to Tony Webb for permission to use this photo (which, in case you were wondering, was taken from a helicopter).
North Shore Scaffolding website: www.nss.co.nz

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