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Kupe Jacket Taranaki

Kupe Jacket Taranaki

The Kupe Jacket is a 650 tonne structure being installed at a gas field off the Taranaki coast (NZ). Fitzroy Engineering was asked to scaffold up to the 38m mark to help remove the sea fastenings which were welded to the jacket and the barge that the jacket was standing on.

"Layher was the only way to get to the height required in the time available," said Greg Lockley. Access was made easy by using hatch decks with integrated ladders.

The scaffold was designed by Fitzroy and certified by an external engineer. Camelspace assisted by providing some key components on rental at short notice.

Thanks to Greg Lockley of Fitzroy Engineering for these photos.
Fitzroy Engineering website: www.fitzroy.co.nz
Camelspace website: www.camelspace.com

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