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I'm a Celebrity!

New Layher client YKnot Productions used Key Scaffolding to build this two level stage using the Layher Event System at a remote secret location in the Australian bush for the UK reality TV show "I'm a celebrity - get me out of here!" Surrounded by bloodsucking insects and permanent awareness that snakes or spiders could attack any time, they managed to erect the stage solidly and safely on steep sloping ground (more than 45) with very loose soil, having carried in all the gear by hand. YKnot have also supplied a number of other stages throughout the rainforest.

Contestants who fail challenges such as death defying heights, unpalatable parts of animals to eat, underwater tasks and being covered by every kind of bug imaginable, have their exit interview with the famous UK entertainers Ant and Dec, beamed live to the UK from this stage. As the show wraps, the German version "Ich bin ein Star - Holt mich hier raus!" takes over the set in January.

Thank you to Simon Ambrose of YKnot Productions for the use of these photos.
YKnot Productions Ltd website: www.yknot.net

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