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Grafton Bridge Featured Job of the Year 2009
Winner New Zealand
Congratulations to Phil McConchie (left) and Mick Spratling (right) of Camelspace for 'Grafton Bridge' Featured Job of the Year 2009 - Winner New Zealand.

Grafton Bridge

Camelspace built this technically challenging 120m long and completely hanging scaffold underneath historic Grafton Bridge in central Auckland to provide access for Brian Perry Civil workers during a 12 month bridge strengthening and restoration programme.

"Scaffolding the bridge in this manner would not have been possible using traditional methods without the use of hundreds of ladder beams," said Mick Spratling of Camelspace. The underside of the bridge is fully decked-out in birdcage fashion and all work areas furnished with full debris containment. There are also walkways cantilevered up from the underneath 'hanger' on each side to allow access to the sides of the bridge. The "truss" supporting the scaffold deck was constructed using Layher diagonals. Layher stair towers from the bridge deck-topside provide access down onto the scaffold from each end of the bridge.

The scaffold was designed in AutoCAD by Layher's inhouse Design Team, with engineering inspection and sign-off by Thornburn Consultants (NZ) Ltd.

Thank you to Mick Spratling and Phil McConchie of Camelspace for the use of these photos.
Camelspace website: www.camelspace.com

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