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Fitzroy Have It Covered

Fitzroy Have It Covered

Fitzroy Engineering are currently building a Mid Water Arch (MWA) for the Maari gas field off New Zealand's Taranaki coast. (For those who don't know, a MWA is a large submerged floating device used to support in mid water gas lines leading from the wellhead to a floating storage vessel.) For its temporary habitat Fitzroy built a 2000m enclosure out of Allround with a Layher Keder roof and Keder sheet walls providing total encapsulation. They have built a number of similar enclosures in recent years and have found this to be a good answer to their requirements.

During its construction the MWA will be rail mounted so it can be rolled in and out of the enclosure as crane access is required. The structure will be up for four months and has been designed to withstand the strong winds that can be expected on this exposed coastal site.

Thanks to Greg Lockley of Fitzroy Engineering for this photo.
Fitzroy's website: www.fitzroy.co.nz

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