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EURO 2008 Stairway Towers

EURO 2008 Stairway Towers

The Wals-Siezenheim Stadium in Salzburg Austria, home of the Red Bull Salzburg team, is one of eight stadiums being used for the 2008 European Football Championships. To comply with UEFA guidelines, the stadium needed to increase its capacity from 18,686 to 30,000 covered seats as well as provide additional temporary public access.

Layher designed a series of five stair towers to a height of 10m and a distributed load of 5.0kN/mē. The stairs are 2.07m wide with a rise of less than 18cm and a headroom of at least 2.2m. In the nearby Innsbruck Arena the requirements were even higher with 18m stair towers requiring a live load of 6.0kN/mē.

Thank you to Layher Germany for the use of this photo.

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