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Epping Railway Station

This is one of the finest jobs we have had come through our Inbox. Above Scaffolding engineered this beauty for Epping Railway Station's recent facelift. The main scaffold was 4m high, 1.09m wide and was 17 bays, or 50m long. The really impressive part is that the scaffold was only suspended from the steel roof beams at every fourth bay, i.e. they were 9m spans between supports! Special brackets were designed to connect the standards to the roof beams and there wasn't a ladder beam, tube or coupler in sight.

The 1.09m console work platform at the rear of the scaffold doubled as a catch and edge protection for the new roof to be installed. Then two 0.73m console work platforms on the inside provided access to install the new glass fašade. All this and they were still able to rate it as medium duty.

The scaffold was installed over one weekend. The erection had to occur during a scheduled shutdown period due to the scaffold's proximity to the high-voltage lines and the fact that it is suspended over a platform that is still being used by the public. The scaffold is earthed at two points.

Our thanks to Above Scaffolding for these photos.

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