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Diwali on Stage

Diwali on Stage

Camelspace erected this colourful Layher stage in the Viaduct Basin for Auckland City Council, who organised the Diwali celebration (Festival of Lights) recently in conjunction with Asia NZ.

Laura Barnett of Layher's Design Team designed two stages and a Front of House tower. With additional engineering from Tanya Wylie at Thorburn Consultants, the stage was rated to withstand 146km/hr wind loads in this exposed location. The roof pitch was adjusted to meet the height restrictions in the Viaduct Basin.

The Diwali Festival has become a popular annual free event attracting a couple of hundred thousand visitors, featuring Bollywood dancing, fashion, food, crafts and fireworks.

Thank you to Mick Spratling and Phil McConchie of Camelspace for the use of this photo.
Camelspace website: www.camelspace.com

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