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Deck to Deck

Tom Fyfe, one of our Wellington-based draughtpersons is on secondment to Layher Sweden for three months, where he has had involvement in a wide range of interesting projects. One of these was the Scandinavian Boat Show held in Stockholm which used the Layher Event System.

“It was a challenge designing walkways with a good fit to all the boats - some boats were at a 45° angle and constant changes were made during the planning,” said Fredrik Wik, Tom’s trainer and Layher Technical Designer. “In the end approximately 3,000 m² of Event decks were used, in almost all the different deck lengths, including triangular decks, which turned out to be very useful.”

The required height of the platform also varied for different parts of the walkway, between 1.25m and 1.5m for the motor boats and from 2.0m up to 2.5m for the sail boats. This required a lot of stairs, including numerous emergency escape routes.

Thank you to Layher Sweden for the use of this photo.

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