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Cutting Edge Technology

High above The Terrace in Wellington, Instant Access are setting the standard in scaffolding efficiency and safety. By using Advance Guardrails, temporary edge protection is put in place for the top working level from the safety of the fully guardrailed deck below. This way the scaffolders can work unencumbered by fall arrest harnesses. Efficient logistics can reduce the cost of scaffolding by up to 60%.

Here a GEDA 300Z, the ideal hoist for scaffolds more than 8 m high, is being put through its paces. Gavin Pollard of Instant Access reported that the hoist increased productivity on this site by 150%.

And how long does it take to install and dismantle a hoist like this? In this case, the hoist was carried by four guys some 10 m up steps to the base of the scaffold and erection occurred as the scaffold was being built. Dismantling (including over 30 m of mast) and loading on to its purpose built trailer took little over an hour.

Thank you to Gavin Pollard for permission to use this photo.
Instant Access website: www.instantaccess.co.nz

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