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Brazier's Crowning Scaffold

Brazier's Crowning Scaffold

This job was built using Layher Allround for the installation of cladding and roof protection and used a total of nearly 3000mē of scaffold. The wall over the existing roof on one elevation was supported using Layher truss beams as the roof would not support the weight of the scaffold. The doorway was also bridged using Layher truss beams.

The client, Crown Sheetmetal in Invercargill, is an innovative New Zealand company specialising in the fabrication of stainless steel and aluminium. Crown Sheetmetal are extending their existing facility by adding a further 900mē to include a high bay area for producing large vessels up to 540,000lt, such as large wine tanks and dairy tanks, under cover. There is also another job up behind the Crown building about the same size for painting only a block away.

Thank you to Glen Brazier of Brazier Scaffolding Ltd for the use of this photo.
Brazier Scaffolding Ltd website: www.brazier.co.nz

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